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Firdosh & Ganga
03 April 2015
"Our Love Arranged By" Before writing anything else, first I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart who has helped me find my soul mate and life partner. I was in search of wonderful life partner who would complete me for many years now as I am 39 yrs now.For me, it was difficult to find my soul-mate in typical arranged marriage way as it was very much important for me to feel the chemistry and bond with the person who I am going to spend my whole life with. I created my profile on long ago but was never seriously looking into it got this lovely match I being a Parsi and she is a South Indian by caste thought that this match would not be suitable. I came across many profiles and interacted with few to feel that click within but it never happened until one beautiful day when I came across Ganga Hojire's Profile where she accepted my proposal. I called her up on her office number where we both spoke to each other for the first time. After some days we started with chat and were surprised to see how much chemistry we had. When we started, I felt that it can be a good match but never thought it would be so perfect. So many thoughts alike, so many interests alike, the feeling of being happy and spending more and more time knowing her, it just felt so perfect!!!. Sometimes we used to feel as if we were reading each other�s mind and almost exchanged same messages/thoughts at the same time. We moved to voice and video calls after our comfort level on chat and within two weeks we almost realized that we are perfect for each other so we decided to meet each other in person. Once we were clear with our feelings after meeting each other, than was the time to involve families. Once families met, they were all happy as well with our choices and we got the green signal. I still remember that day and whatever bond we created in past 2 months, we could actually feel that in our first meeting.We got married on 7th Of November, 2014. The most memorable journey of my life with successful results!! And once again, credit goes to I heard a lot about long distance relationship, and how people find their soul mates from matrimony matchmaker websites such as, but I never knew I would witness both in my own case! Thank you so much,! We have already started to be together and start our lifelong journey but it is worth it as finding the right person is what is most important thing in life which I have found in my wife Ganga. Love you!!!