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Akhilesh & Naincy
27 October 2021
Hello, myself, Akhilesh. Though I had hidden my account for more than 3 months due to some extra work, I had that time. One fine day in May 2020, I unhid my profile, and in just a few hours, I received the notification of getting a connection request. I had visited the profile and found out that, Naincy is also in the same city and doing Ph.D. same as me. It was a unique combination that I received for the first time from So, after going through the profile, I accepted the request and exchanged the mobile number. After a few days, I received a call, and it was her elder sister on the other side. It was a very small conversation but more like an interview. As we both live in the same city, her parents showed an interest in visiting us on the following Sunday. And after that, we started visiting each other. Just after the 3rd or 4th visit, we had taken the decision and got engaged in Feb 2021. When I first saw Naincy, it was like a dream come true; she looked so innocent and shying person. A very surprising thing happened with us: the first time I shared a Bhajan (devotional song) with her, she was also about to share the same Bhajan with me. She is a devotee of Lord Shiva, and I am a devotee of Lord Hanuman. We both know the complete Hanuman Chaalisa by heart. And we both like art and crafts. She also loves to travel like me and is an adventurous person. When we shared our favorite movie song, it was again the same song, Meri Mehbooba from the movie Pardesh, we both got surprised by this coincidence. We are very similar in our habits and our interests. We both like non-veg foods and dont like bananas. Now, I believe in the concept of soulmates and think she is the only person God has sent on earth for me. God has blessed me with such an amazing girl that I have no words to thank Him. It is always great spending time with her. Those moments with her are, in fact the most precious pearls of my life that light up my world even in the darkest hours. It is now almost 1 year since our first meeting, and we will get married next month. We are in deep love, and we believe, trust and respect each other more than anyone else. We both are eagerly waiting for The Day and become Life Companions forever. Thanks,, for being an angel and connecting me to the better half of my life.